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Truck Dash Cam

Integrated platform for safety, efficiency, and sustainability

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Fleet

Capture data to run your operations

Gain real-time visibility across your fleet, streamline your workflows and make data-driven decision, and use video technology powered by AI to keep your team safe with Vidmatics.

AI Dashcams

With real-time incident detection and preventative in-cab coaching, Samsara AI Dash Cams are proven to protect drivers and lower costs.

Driver Safety & Coaching

Improve driver safety using in-cab feedback and video-based coaching. Reward safe practices like defensive driving to increase driver retention.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Optimize your field services with real-time vehicle locations, prevent breakdowns by monitoring engine diagnostics and fault codes, and cut costs by reducing idle time.

Equipment Monitoring

Prevent loss and theft, lengthy yard hunts, and unnecessary equipment transfers to and from different job sites with real-time GPS and geofence alerts. Enhanced connectivity ensures no job site is too remote.

Fleet Tracking

Compliance Workflows

Intuitive tools for your drivers and back office help simplify compliance throughout your organization. Maintain compliance while keeping up with changing regulations, driver training, onsite safety, and admin management.



Enable drivers with an intuitive Driver App

User-friendly interface for admin efficiency


Save time on compliance management


Improve efficiency with digitized workflows and visibility into key compliance metrics. Pre-built and exportable reports for HOS, DVIRs, FSMA, and more.



Stay updated with automated reporting

Efficient digitized workflows

Unified Compliance Dashboard

Fleet Management

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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