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Truck Dash Cam

How Can a Truck Dash Cam Help You?

Having or using a truck dash cam isn’t required, but it’s a smart way to help your fleet remain secure. With Samsara’s AI dash cams, you’ll reap a range of benefits that will protect your investment, employees, and efforts. Our truck dash cam and driver coaching tools will help your fleet reduce the frequency and severity of accidents. It also helps to prevent other drivers from making false claims. With a combination of our sensors and software, you’ll lower costs as you improve driver safety and improve drive ROI.

We also provide secure access and visibility with our powerful AI platform, so you get more out of your security camera system. A centralized video management system across all locations allows you to view footage from any device, at any time. You will also get real-time notifications for any unsafe or unusual activity so that you can improve and ensure safety for everyone in your organization.

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