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Fleet Tracking

Discover the Benefits of Fleet Management

Keeping up with your fleet is vital to ensure progress and success. With our fleet tracking and fleet management tools, you will be able to simplify the process in every aspect. At Vidmatics, we offer 24/7 US-based support for all of our clients as well as ongoing customer success support. Here are just some of the many other benefits that our fleet management services provide.

  • Regulations are constantly changing, making compliance an ongoing challenge that can be difficult to keep up with. Use our fleet management to help you stay in and simplify your compliance across all operations. The intuitive tools and pre-built reports from Samsara help you easily retain control over your compliance throughout your entire company and fleet.

  • Our fleet tracing offers end-to-end visibility that helps you identify inefficiencies. This not only helps to improve your bottom line, but you’ll be able to maximize productivity as you work smarter. You can build automated workflows that help to quash manual data entry errors while improving communication with all members.

  • With Vidmatics, you will work smarter and lower your operating costs, since you have the ability to go completely paperless.

  • Our AI technology uses smart risk detection to help enhance your work security infrastructure. This also helps you reduce or even eliminate the time required to investigate security breaches and other incidents.

  • We provide high-definition evidence for authorities in the event of a breach, including cloud-stored video footage. You can recover stolen equipment with our detailed location fleet tracking to ensure that your operations remain secure.

  • Our world-class implementation services and training are designed to ensure that you get the support you need for success. Our team of implementation consultants is fully trained and experienced, so they can help you handle any task or concern. There’s no need to take time off to schedule a class since we provide on-demand virtual training whenever you need it.

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